I bought 170 ETH back in early 2016 when it was worth USD $9 per ether. At the time Ethereum was still widely unheard of and many thought Bitcoin was doomed to fail after reaching heights of $1200 and receding back to $400. At the time of my entrance the whole market cap of cryptocurrency was less than $8 billion. Just about everyone now knows of the crazy ride cryptocurrency has created over the last few years with heights reaching as high as $1400 for one ether. 

Sam Bendat Crypto Currency
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I have had the good fortune to also be part of some very successful ICOs including Lisk, ARK, Loopring and PayPie which all have returned my investments of magnitudes of 10 to 100x. I have made a lot of money and lost a lot of money but learned extremely valuable investment and financial lessons along the way.

My original reason for buying into Ethereum was the early on-set of FOMO (fear of missing out). I had sat idly by during my early twenties as companies like Apple and Tesla had gone from successful share prices to sky rocket into once in a lifetime investment opportunities. I knew if I missed the next big craze I would have learned nothing and still be kicking myself, so I set out and researched deep into some tech forums about emerging tech. After some deliberation I decided to put a decent chunk of my savings, at the time, into Ether and have never looked back.

Radio Host

When I was living in Melbourne I could be heard on the radio, at 3RRR 102.7, Australia's largest community radio station. The American equivalent would be NPR - a liberal leaning public station that has strong influences on the arts and local music. At any one time we could have a few thousand to over a hundred thousand listeners to a show. 


During my time at 3RRR I created and broadcasted an assortment of shows. Topics included technology, US politics, science and local musicians. I had the great pleasure of working with some very talented people and significantly improved my public speaking skills and appreciation for the arts.